Wan said the facial recognition system was developed

on Baidu’s EasyDL platform, a no-code tool that helps users build customized mac

hine learning models. The system was “trained” with thousands of images of cat faces.

The temperature inside the smart cattery is maintained at 27 degrees, at which cats feel most comfortable and relaxed.

It also has a ventilation system that monitors the air inside in real time.

Wan said stray cats in the neighborhood are more nervous at first and just wander aro

und curiously. After one brave mongrel made the first visit, others followed.

Stray cats are often emotionally sensitive, so the door will not close the minute a cat enters. The anima

l will have time to get used to the cattery without being jittery. Seven or eight cats come to rest in the shelter every day.


Speaking to CNN, witness Mohan Ibn Ibrahim said he was

  inside the mosque when the shooting began and that he heard the gunman “continuously shooting for 10 to 15 minutes.”

  ”It’s a big mosque and there were more than 200 people inside. The gunmen came from the backside. Gunshots wen

t on for a long time. We had to jump the wall to escape. I saw lots of broken glass and bricks on the backside of the mosque,” he said.

  ”I came to the street I saw one person got shot on his chest,” he said, adding that the ambulance and police then arrived on the scene.

  He said that he had a friend in another mosque in the area who told him a gunman had opened fire there as well and five people were dead.

  ”I could not contact two of my friends who are in the mosque as well,” he said.


But there are signs that some Russians resist the cou

  try’s continued slide toward authoritarianism. Earlier this week, two activists were detained briefly after interrupting a ceremony to comm

emorate the 66th anniversary of the death of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin on Red Square.

  One protester, Yevgeny Suchkov, threw broken carnations at a bust of Stalin, sho

uting, “Burn in hell, executioner of the people, murderer of women and children!”

  Video of Suchkov and another protester, Olga Savchenko, went viral. The two were detained but quickly rele

ased after being issued a fine of under $8, according to US-funded news outlet Current Time.

  And some Russians are not ready to passively accept internet censorship. According to the ne

ws agency Interfax, authorities in Moscow have granted an application from activists for a rally ag

ainst Internet censorship this Sunday. Russia’s embattled civil society, it seems, is not quite ready to give up.


Still, compared with the developed countries, China’s car

  market has good long-term potential, because vehicle penetration in the country, especially in rural areas, is low. And given that China’s aging population is ris

ing, a growing number of senior citizens could buy cars to enjoy better travel experience.

  Since the age of fast and assured growth is over, those who don’t respond to market changes will

fail. And declining car sales may speed up the process of incompetent players being squeezed out of the market.

  Modest increase in vehicle sales likely

  Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

  Unlike the tax cut on car purchases in the past, this year’s plan will not yield immed

iate results, as it is designed mainly to improve the overall market environment and produce long-term results.

  The government introduced a preferential car purcha

se policy, which allowed smaller vehicles with 1.6-litre or less powerful engines to enjoy up to 50 per

cent tax cuts from September 2015 to 2017. The stimulus policy helped car sales grow at 7.1 percent year-on-year.


Pakistan denies terror clampdown is result of Indian tensions

  Pakistan said it is not bowing to Indian or international pressure as it cracks down on militant groups in the wake of the crisis over Kashmir.

  On Tuesday, authorities said they detained 44 members of banned organizati

ons, including the son and brother of Masood Azhar, the leader of militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

  JeM claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Pulwama in Indian-controlled Kashmir on February 14, which resulted in th

e deaths of 40 Indian troops and precipitated the current escalation in tensions between the two nuclear-armed powers.

  Speaking to CNN, Pakistan’s military spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Asif Gh

afoor, said that any clamp-down on militants was part of an ongoing domestic policy.

  ”We are not doing anything under anyone’s pressure,” Ghafoor said Tuesday, addi

ng that Pakistan would root out “anybody who operates from Pakistan … we feel that it is not in the interest of Pakistan.”


hina will become major player in 3D printing, analyst says

hina is quickly closing the gap on the adoption of 3D printing, a sector on the cusp of transforming from prototyping and de

sign to real-life manufacturing and end-user engagement, according to an industry executive.

Some of the most advanced 3D printing applications will be driven b

y Chinese companies, in light of the level of government incentives to promote the indu

stry, said Michael Agam, Greater China general manager of Stratasys, a 3D prin

ting and additive manufacturing solutions company based in the United States.

“Customers and end-users are expecting new things in a much faste

r pace than before, prompting companies to come up with new products in a pace that…could nev

er be done by traditional manufacturing,” Agam said in an interview in Shanghai.

Speeding up production and shortening supply chain are not the only game chang

er. The need to come up with tailor-made designs that are flexible to end-user needs lie at the heart of 3D printing, he said.


Nigerians express disappointment at postponement of g

Nigerians on Saturday expressed disappointment at the electoral body’s postponem

ent of the presidential election few hours to the commencement of voting in the country.

Mahmood Yakubu, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), announced the shift

ing of the polls until Feb. 23 at a midnight press conference, saying the scheduled proceeding of the voting was not “feasible.”

“Following a careful review of the implementation of its logistics and operational plan and

the determination to conduct free, fair, and credible elections, the Commission came to the co

nclusion that proceeding with the elections as scheduled is no longer feasible,” Yakubu said.

Likewise, the electoral body postponed gubernatorial elections in the country, earlier slated for March 2, also by one week.

Although Nigerians are used to elections being postponed, the postp

onement of this year’s presidential polls in the country was greeted by criticism.

The governing All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council said i

t received with great disappointment and disillusionment the announcement of the postponement of the election by the electoral body.


Chinese premier congratulates on 65th anniversary of

  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday sent a congratulatory message to an event commemorating the 65th anniver

sary of the “Icebreaking Mission” in China-Britain trade held by Britain’s 48 Group Club.

  In the message, Li said that over the past more than 60 years, British friends including the 48 Gro

up Club have been actively promoting trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries, fa

cilitating the process of China’s reform and opening-up, and also enhancing bilateral win-win cooperation.

  The “icebreakers” spirit not only shows the willingness of the British pe

ople to develop friendly cooperation with China, but also demonstrates that the

development momentum of human society towards a more open and inclusive future is unstoppable, Li said.

  In 1954, Jack Perry, the founder of London Export Corporation, led a group of 48 British businessmen on a historic tr

ade mission to Beijing and helped deliver one of the first modern-day trade links with China.


Apologize for penalty “bus take cabbage”, is als

Bring passengers with cabbage and ticket network video screenshots

Recently, the hubei a coach driver was fined 200 yuan for passengers with rad

ish cabbage, law enforcement police said “law cannot take goods, green vegetables belong to goods”.

After launch, around the traffic police than usual pay more attention to traffic safety.The above events, is probably re

lated to attaches great importance to, but this kind of “value” seem overstated, it is no wonder that trigger netizens.In h

ubei highway police “mistakes” instead, early January 27 seasonable cancel the un

deserved punishment, suspend work, the related police ordered officials to apologize to the parties.

For long-distance bus, each passenger will carry more or less luggage, in excess of the p

rescribed volume or weight, station will be charged the shipping fee, in

order to ensure passenger safety and environment, passenger carrying large luggage will be place


sraeli attacks Iran in Syria Syria to intercept incomin

  According to foreign media reports, the Israeli military said on Monday the army attacked Syria Iran’s quds force targets, and warns Syrian troops attacked Israel or forces.

  The Israeli military said in a statement, “we are already in Syria agains

t the quds force of Iran’s aims.We don’t attempt to hurt the Israeli army warned Syria armed forces or territory.”

  According to state news agency SANA said Syria, the Syrian air defense forces have foile

d and attempt to shoot down the enemy’s attack for several missiles, but n

ot in detail.Damascus, witnesses said, when the attack happened, loud explosions from the night sky.

  According to local sources said Syria, Israeli jets from the Lebanese airspace to Syria la

unched a large number of missile, the air defense forces stopped more than 18 incoming missiles, including 8 in Dam

ascus was shot down near the airport, 10 in Keith waugh was shot down.

  It is reported that the attack took place in the early hours of Monday morning

on Sunday the day after Israeli forces cross-border attacks.Earlier Sun

day, Israeli to Syria Iranian military targets in the southern part of the country launched air strikes.On the day of t

he Syrian state news agency SANA quoted military sources said Syria, the Syrian air defense system “to stop the sou

thern Israel in Syria to achieve its goals”, but gave no further details.Russia has also confirmed the news, the Russian defe

nse ministry said the attacks against Damascus international airport is launched by Israel’s air force F – 16 figh

ter jet 4, airborne missile incoming from the Mediterranean Sea direction, without any damage and casualties, 7 inco

ming missiles are “armor”, and “beech” successful intercept air defense system.

  Syrian air defense forces also responded to Israeli air strikes on its territory, to control the golan heights of Israel

launched a rocket.The Israeli military has confirmed by said in a statement, said a fired rockets at nor

thern golan heights by Israeli “iron dome” air defense system.An Israeli army spokesman told AFP, rockets launched from Syria, but he did not pro

vide further details.The Israeli military said, because of the attacks occurred, is located in the golan heights, Isr

aeli control mount hermon a popular winter ski tourism attractions will be closed for a day.


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