The shows at the One Yuan Theater are performed by a tro

upe that’s affiliated to the cultural center where Yi works. Currently, there are about 30 members in the opera troupe, with ages r

anging from 20 to over 60. The average age of the per-formers is 40, according to Yi. Being listed as a national int

angible cultural heritage has drawn more efforts toward protecting the art form.

“Most of the young performers were recruited after the opera was listed as national intangible cultural heritage,” Yi adds.

The local government’s support in recent years includes adding to the troupe member

s’ livelihoods and taking on costs for regular shows at the One Yuan Theater into its annual budget plan, Yi says.

Liu Liurong, 50, a leading member of the troupe, says she has witnessed the enhancement o

f the opera over the past years. Having performed such shows for more than 30 years, Liu is recognized as a p

rovincial-level inheritor of the art since 2009. She says she had dreamed of standing on stage since she was in middle school.

Water quality of Baiyangdian Lake in Xiongan improved in 2019

The water quality of Baiyangdian Lake in Xiongan New Area in north China’s Hebei Province has been significantly im

proved in 2018, according to the ecology and environment bureau of the new area on Sunday.

The concentration of the major pollutants total phosphorus and ammon

ia nitrogen in Baiyangdian Lake saw a year-on-year decrease of 35.16 percent and 45.45 percent respectively last year.

To protect the environment of Baiyangdian Lake, Xiongan New Area started to deal

with a sewage reservoir that is only 2.5 km away from the lake and posed a threat to the water quality in 2018.

A total of 126,000 tonnes of solid waste and 8,600 tonnes of suspect

ed hazardous waste containing arsenic and lead have been disposed of.

Completing the festival lineup is The Story of Xiaoyi, an i

chodrama composed of four major sections, i.e. Dramatic Presentation, Interactive E

xperiences, Volunteer Interpretation and Hui Diji’s Heart Forum, based on real stories and psycho-social counseling cases.

All performances will be presented in Chinese with English subtitles.

The event is part of the second annual Creative China Festival (CCF), which is co-organized b

y Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) and Creative China Center in New York.

The current CCF has been open from September 2018 to March 2019 in New York, Bo

ston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Seattle.

The CCF aims to nurture innovative creators and foster in-depth colla

borations between China and the United States in contemporary arts and culture.

Founded in 1961, La MaMa has become a world-renowned cultural instit

ution in Manhattan. The upcoming China Fringe Theater Festival is co-organized by La M

aMa, BCAF, Beijing Fringe Festival, Shanghai Huidiji Public Psychological Care Center, and The Physical Guerrillas.

ert pressure on Beijing. Without the restraints of the treaty, the

  If the treaty is abolished, security risks will be reassessed and major powers will redefin

e what “security” is. Overall international relations will be implicated. Such a scenario is unfav

orable to an end to the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula and runs the risk of a rise in conflicts in other regions.

  As far as China is concerned, the US intends to make the INF treaty a multilateral agreement, which may become an

excuse for Washington to exert pressure on Beijing. Without the restraints of the treaty,

the US may intensify its deployment of offensive miss

iles and anti-missile systems around China, further increasing China’s strategic security challenges.

  Beijing will never accept the treaty becoming a multilateral agreement. It mu

st reject any request from the US on the issue. Instead of relying too much on land-bas

ed missiles for national security, China must diversify its strategic nuclear deterrence. It’s an urgent task.

Local governments at provincial levels can lift tax relief by 30 percent at most according to local conditions.

The tax deduction mainly covers value-added tax, urban maintenance and construction

tax, educational surcharge and individual income tax and will be effective from Jan. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2021.

Manchester united star fee lenny close to joining luneng mo

Shandong luneng winter training tour in guangzhou draws to a close, the team is

going to Hong Kong to participate in the lunar New Year.Ne

ws about the fourth foreign aid finally under the “booster” of the media in Europe, have the looks, the lune

ng taishan is negotiate the fee for the transfer of lenny and united, the Belgian midfielder has now agreed to, doing furt

her contact and negotiations.”Height 194 cm is, lenny, active Belgium international, 32 years old this year, mul

tiple locations can be competent in midfield, can also like pelle guest star center.He joined the reds in 2013, has bee

n in the team for nearly 6 years of time, just last year, he also participated in the World Cup in Russia.Now luneng in

elle, Jill and des three foreign aid, if the final signing lenny, then gave up the Asia

n foreign aid’s choice, luneng focusing on the league next season.It is said that at the same time, luneng in the afc

champions the initial list of registration, temporarily not submitted to the des, it might also be for the waiting fee

lenny to join as soon as possible.According to more details relevant European media reports showed that

luneng aspect has sent on behalf of the negotiations and Manchester united, currently only the final details, the two sides

have been close to an agreement.After all, since jose mourinho at Manchester united after class, with ole Gun

nar solskjaer took office, lenny quickly out of favour at Manchester united, which is to accelerate the fee le

nny leave one of the reasons.Recently, the fee lenny is rehabilitation treatment of the injured leg alone.After three we

eks, he was already unable to participate in the training, but should only be minor injury, no big deal.

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